Quarknet teachers on the bridge.

Quarknet KSU July 2017


Spacetime Hoops

This powerpoint explores using spandex and embroidery hoops to model spacetime.

Modeling Spacetime

Modeling Spacetime










Stretching Light

PD's Stretching Light handout

Stretching Space activity

Stretching space using a balloon

Expanding balloon activity

Expanding balloon Universe








Interferometer 'Make and Take' info

Introduction to an Interferometer

Interferometer info








Pendulums & Wave Machines


Pendulum necklace 2

Using string and tape you can make a quick and easy pendulum snake, where the different swing rates of the pendulums makes a neat pattern.

Straw Wave Machine

Using straws and tape you make a simple wave machine.

Straw wave generator and Energy transfers

Straw waves and Energy Transfer











Various Coupled pendulums

'Coupled' Pendulums handouts

Snack version of Coupled Resonance

Coupled Resonant Straws

Coupled Resonance and Beat Frequencies

Beat Frequencies










A Compass by any other name...

Hanging magnet faces...

Making a temporary magnet.

'Microscopic' magnetic domains

Worksheet for Making a Temporary Magnet

Making a Temporary Magnet worksheet









Magnetic Field lines

Magnetic field lines

2 versions of Magnetic Field lines worksheets

Magnetic Field lines worksheets

Magnetic Shielding activity

Magnetic Shielding device








The Spinning Pencil in a cup

Magnetic Spinning Pencil

Instructions for the Magnetically Spinning Pencil

Visual instructions for the Magnetic Spinning Pencil activity









Lights, Colors, and Shadows

Light Investigations

Not all Shadows are Black!

Colored Shadows

2 handouts (Colored Shadows and After Images) for Quarknet 2017









Subtractive Colors

Color Pigments Naive Conceptions

Learn for yourself what the primary colors of pigment should be (and are).









The Pinhole Theater

Eye Model & Pinhole Theater

Create a basic model of the eye, then get into it and use it as a pinhole theater. Learn more about your detector - they eye - by modeling it

Exploratorium's worksheet on the same idea: http://www.exo.net/~emuller/activities/personal_pinhole.pdf









The Pinhole-Viewer

Pinhole Viewer

A classroom activity on detector characteristics - specifically how the eye works!









Homopolar motor

Homopolar Motor

A very simple motor!