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LIGO Science Education Center partners with other institutions to offer teacher workshops, as well as offering some "stand-alone" style workshops.  If you're an administrator interested in enlisting LIGO staff to conduct a workshop at your school, fill out this form and request a workshop customized to your school or district.

The next teacher workshop that is open enrollment is in conjunction with CORE Element.


LIGO Presents: Magnetic Forces and more -  Physical Science and Inquiry Classroom Activities for Middle School Science Teachers | 12 Contact Hours

Day 1 takes place  in New Orleans as part of CORE Element's Summer Institute. 

Participants will explore magnets, magnetic forces, and inquiry.  LIGO’s (The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) teacher workshops concentrate on inquiry, science interactives, and the physical sciences. LIGO-Science Education Center staff includes three former teachers who have been trained by San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

Day 2 of the workshop is a field trip to the LIGO Education center in Livingston. 

Completion of this workshop will qualify you for a stipend and priority booking for your class at the LIGO facility as well as financial support for bus transportation for your students to the Livingston, LA LIGO  Science Education Center for an extraordinary hands-on science field trip experience.

To enroll in this workshop click here (note there is a $25 fee that is reimbursed after the workshoo is over).

For more details on CORE Element's offerings click here.

Upcoming Teacher Workshops/Professional Development Opportunities:

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