Welcome to LIGO's Science Education Center. The image above is the largest exhibit, the Wave Wall.

Science Education Center

LIGO's Science Education Center seeks to use the cutting edge science and engineering happening at LIGO to inspire the scientist in every visitor.  Whether you're a teacher, student or a member of the surrounding community we are here to help you discover your inner scientist. 

LIGO's Science Education Center offers fun educational activities for visitors of all ages, but we are only open to the public with advance appointments, or on our Science Saturdays.  LIGO's Science Education Center conducts the following activities (click on the links for more information) -  all FREE of charge.

  • Science Saturdays:  Once a month LIGO opens its doors to the public, so that the public can take a tour, talk with scientists and visit a mini-science museum with around 50 interactive science exhibits.  These are family friendly events held on the third Saturday of the month from 1 PM - 5 PM.
  • School Field Trips:  Fall 2020 Academic school year field trip requests are now being accepted.  If you're a school group, we offer a variety of field trip options. 
  • HomeSchool Field Trips:   Because homeschools often have a wider range of ages, we do not offer a classroom activity, but allow for extended time in the exhibit hall.  We will offer mornings or afternoons for Homeschools.
  • Tours:   Most people will want to take a tour on our Science Saturday, but if you're with a community group, or can't make it to LIGO on our Science Saturdays, then you can request a special tour.  These tours however, are limited.
  • School Visits:  LIGO Science Education Center staff can sometimes visit your school to bring a bit of the experience back to you.
  • Teacher Workshops:  LIGO is very interested in helping teachers teach science, engineering, and mathematics through hands on methods.  We are involved in a variety of programs with other universities and school districts, and would be happy to work with your particular group to conduct a teacher workshop!