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School Tours/Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips are availabe for the Fall of 2021.  Please pay attention to our website for updates in January 2022.

LIGO in Livingston Louisiana offers field trips on a daily basis Tuesday - Friday.  LIGO's Science Education Center is a unique field trip opportunity that allows students to interact with scientists and engineers doing real science, and to experience hands on science through our interactive exhibit hall.

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Time:  Field trips vary in length from 2 -  3 1/2 hours.  During the summer we only offer 2 hour field trips.

  • 2 hour field trips consist of a tour and time visiting our exhibit hall which consists of 50 interactive science exhibits (a mini-science museum)!
  • 3 - 3 1/2 hour field trips consist of the tour,  exhibit hall time, classroom activity  & time to eat lunch if across lunch time.  Choice of classroom activities are listed in the field trip form.

Cost:  There is no cost (yes, the field trip experience is FREE)

Lunches:  Students/Schools & adults must bring their own lunches with them to LIGO as there are no facilities to buy lunches on-site!!!

Number of students:  We can accomodate up to 90 people per field trip, BUT we have a limited number of spaces for such large groups.  Therefore we typically recommend groups of 60 or less. 


  • BUSES MUST REMAIN ON SITE DURING THE FIELD TRIP.  LIGO Livingston is in a remote location & we are sensitive to vibrations, therefore for the safety of the children and for in order to keep LIGO's instrument working well, buses MUST remain on-site at LIGO while the school-children are at LIGO.
  • Fill out a field trip form.  The earlier you fill it out the better!  LIGO's field trip spots fill up quickly!

When filling out the field trip form use the comment box if you need to let us know something, or want to ask us something!

There are two different forms to fill out depending on whether this is a typical academic year field trip or a summer field trip.

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