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Exhibit on Resonance

Students at exhibit on resonance

Want to visit LIGO, Livingston Louisiana, one of only 3 gravitational wave interferometers to ever directly detect gravitational waves?

Come on our Science Saturdays, on the first Saturday of each month. You will need to book a time in advance. During Science Saturdays we offer tours as well as time to explore in our professionally curated exhibit hall that has around 50 interactive science exhibits. If however you have a rather large group (over 15), then we ask that you fill out a tour request form - which will be posted soon.  We offer different experiences for different groups whether you're a traditional school group, a home school, a community organization (scouts, church group, or other interest group), or just an interested member of the public.


Why Go to LIGO?

To talk to a Scientist

To tour a Cutting Edge Research Laboratory

To experiment with the hands-on interactive science exhibits


Unfortunately we are very sensitive to vibrations, so prior to visiting you must first request a tour UNLESS you are coming on one of our Science Saturdays which occur the first Saturday of every month from 10 AM - 4 PM.



control room

A control room tour