Welcome to LIGO's Science Education Center

For Teachers

The LIGO Laboratory seeks to use the science happening at the lab to inspire future generations of scientists through outreach to educators and students.  In addition to the lab Livingston has built the LIGO Science Education Center (LIGO-SEC) which houses around 50 interactive hands-on science exhibits, as well as a fully equipped classroom, and an auditorium.  LIGO's Science Education Center offers teacher workshops, virtual field trips, visits to your school, and a limited number of field trips to LIGO. We also offer a variety of activities that educators can look at to create and replicate in their classrooms, as can be seen in Educational Resources.


LIGO's Science Education Center uses exhibits as a foundation for our programs and workshops.  The exhibits stress physical science topics like pendulums, light, waves, resonance and gravity.


kathy & student waves

LIGO-SEC Educator and student examine waves in an exhibit