Virtual Field Trips

LIGO is offering virtual field trips!

Teachers who teach 4th grade or higher have the choice of booking a virtual tour of LIGO Livingston's Observatory, a set of two fifteen-twenty minute inquiry-style activities, or a single subject virtual activity such as Engineering Design  or an Refraction & Light using pennies.  All virtual activities are designed to use regular household materials such as pennies, clear plastic cups, coffee mugs and popsicle sticks.  Each virtual field trip is designed to take between 40 minutes to an hour.  LIGO staff will use Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft TEAMS to conduct the activity with your in-class or at-home virtual students.  If you're interested in booking a class sign up below (note:  repeat visitations are encouraged  since early studies show these may have a larger positive impact on your students).  To book a virtual field trip, fill out the form below.