Teachers from EBR Parish

EBR June 2016 MSP

Mirror Images

An activity on symmetry & reflection using mirror images of numbers.


Flat Mirror Symmetry worksheet

Looks at symmetries of letters using a venn diagram.


Mirror challenge

Use a flat mirror to see if you can successfully recreate these mirror challenges with the mirror and half the picture.


How tall does a mirror need to be

A worksheet examining how tall a flat mirror needs to be to see your whole face.


Hinged mirrors

Explore what happens when you hinge tow mirrors and change the angle between them.


The next number is not 32

Identifying that not all patterns follow our expectations.

What's that number?

I've seen that number before!!!

Random numbers, right?

Worksheet #3 (easy) Locating random #s sequentially

Random numbers... or NOT???

Worksheet (1) to locate numbers sequentially.

Random numbers, or are they...?!

Worksheet (2) to locate #s sequentially & key