June 2017 CORE Element

Pinhole Theater                                                                   Pinhole Viewer

Eye Model & Pinhole Theater

Create a basic model of the eye, then get into it and use it as a pinhole theater. Learn more about your detector - they eye - by modeling it!

Pinhole Viewer

A classroom activity on detector characteristics - specifically how the eye works!










Exploratorium's worksheet on Pinhole Theater: http://www.exo.net/~emuller/activities/personal_pinhole.pdf


Primary Subtractive Colors

Color Pigments Naive Conceptions

Learn for yourself what the primary colors of pigment should be (and are).









Straw Wave Machine

Straw wave generator and Energy transfers

Straw waves and Energy Transfer







Spirotating Pipe

Inquiry, Relativity and a Pipe

This details an activity presented at the LSTA Institute Nov. 10, 2015. This activity looks at relative motion and inquiry using pieces of PVC pipe.










Colored Shadows

Color Shadows

A description of the set-up and conducting of the colored shadow activity.









Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic Shielding activity

Magnetic Shielding device