June 2016 CORE Element workshop


Eye Model & Pinhole Theater

Create a basic model of the eye, then get into it and use it as a pinhole theater. Learn more about your detector - they eye - by modeling it!

Exploratorium's worksheet on the same idea: http://www.exo.net/~emuller/activities/personal_pinhole.pdf

Pinhole Viewer

A classroom activity on detector characteristics - specifically how the eye works!

The Algebra of Color

A worksheet explaining the algebra of color - how color can be treated algebraically in order to see what colors might appear when adding lights or when mixing pigments.


Color Shadows

A description of the set-up and conducting of the colored shadow activity.


Straw Wave Machine

Using straws and tape you make a simple wave machine.

Toys from Trash version of the Straw Wave Machine: http://www.arvindguptatoys.com/toys/waves.html

The Exploratorium's Straw Wave Machine write-up (more math) http://www.exploratorium.edu/files/ti/alumni/participants/summer_participants_2008/sum084weekphotos/math/course_links/Coupled%20Resonant%20Straws.pdf


Pendulum Necklace

Learn the details on making a pendulum snake necklace or a quick pendulum snake with tape.

The Exploratorium's version of the pendulum snake: http://www.exo.net/~donr/activities/Pendulum_Snake.pdf

Pendulum snake exploration sheet

A worksheet to help you explore and make sense of the pendulum snake.


Length versus Period worksheet

Worksheet exploring the relationship between length of a pendulum, period of the swing and frequency.


Pendulum Snake Math

Explore the math behind the pendulum snake exhibit, as well as the math behind pendulum swings!


Coupled Pendulums

How to make coupled resonant pendulums.


beat frequency

When two pendulums interfere with one another in a regular manner they are called coupled pendulums. How quickly they interfere with each other - trading off the energy from one pendulum to another is related to their beat frequency. This worksheet explores the beat frequency.


Inquiry, Relativity and a Pipe

This activity looks at relative motion and inquiry using pieces of PVC pipe.