Teachers with fan carts they created at LIGO

January, 2016 Workshop in a Bar

Hoop Nightmares

Prism goggles bend light and make it difficult to toss balls into a basket.

Thin Film Interference

It's all about bubbles and exploring light interference.

Mono Ear

Mono Ear

Homopolar Motor

A very simple motor!

Switched Ears

We need two ears for locating a sound. What happens when you switch ears?

Color Shadows

A description of the set-up and conducting of the colored shadow activity.

Modeling Spacetime

Modeling Spacetime

Glow in the dark

Energy of different frequencies of light

Water Prism - Refraction of light

Bending light

Polarizing Filters and Light

Using polarized filters to examine stress in objects.

3D Glasses

Exploring with the new 3D glasses and polarized light

Gravitational Wave Lensing

The bending of light around black holes

Width of a Hair

Do blondes have thinner hair?

Filtering color

Exploring with color filters