IMPACT summer 2017

Straw Oboe

Straw Oboe

Straw Oboe pitch








Reaction Time

Reaction Time

Reaction timer








Speed of Sound

Speed of Sound

Calculating the speed of sound








Palm Pipes


Palm Pipes

Palm Pipes (revised for Impact 2017)









Numbers you might recall...

What's that number?

I've seen that number before!!!








 Random Numbers, or are they?

Random numbers, right?

Worksheet #3 (easy) Locating random #s sequentially

Random numbers... or NOT???

Worksheet (1) to locate numbers sequentially.

Random numbers, or are they...?!

Worksheet (2) to locate #s sequentially & key









That's NOT what I was expecting...

The next number is not 32

Identifying that not all patterns follow our expectations.









Single-Digitization and Casting out 9s.

Single-digitization (condensed version)

Mathematical handout for 'Single-digitization' with additional worksheets and answer key.

Prenumbered 1-9 clockface handout

Mathematical handout/worksheet for 'single-digitization'











It's KNOT fun...

It's KNOT fun (4-strings)

H/O & worksheet on simple probability using 4-strings

It's KNOT fun (6-strings)

Mathematical H/O & worksheets for more complex probability using 6 strings.









Popsicle-Stick Challenges

Popsicle-Stick Challenges

E/D with popsicle-sticks (elementary)

Popsicle-Stick Challenges

E/D with popsicle-sticks (Middle/High version)









Math NINJA...

the Math Ninja

Math 'Ninja' trick (how to add numbers quickly!)