IMPACT Sept 2015

Activities from the IMPACT workshop 2015.

Activities from the LIGO trip:

Pinhole Viewer

A classroom activity on detector characteristics - specifically how the eye works!

Color Shadows

A description of the set-up and conducting of the colored shadow activity.

The Algebra of Color

A worksheet explaining the algebra of color - how color can be treated algebraically in order to see what colors might appear when adding lights or when mixing pigments.

Color Combination worksheets

Three worksheets that allow for students to demonstrate their naive color conceptions and to detail the correct color mixing for pigments and light.

Mirror Images

An activity on symmetry & reflection using mirror images.

Activities from Mississippi time period.

Eye Model & Pinhole Theater

Create a basic model of the eye, then get into it and use it as a pinhole theater. Learn more about your detector - they eye - by modeling it!

Palm Pipes

Information and references on creating palm pipes.

Palm Pipe Worksheets

Blank and filled in worksheets that detail the notes & frequencies for different length pipes.

Kaprekar Constant

Play with math to find the Kaprekar Constant.

Waldorf Math Circles

Investigating Waldorf math circles which use multiplication & patterns

The next number is not 32

Identifying that not all patterns follow our expectations.

Random numbers... or NOT???

Worksheet (1) to locate numbers sequentially.

Random numbers, or are they...?!

Worksheet (2) to locate #s sequentially & key

Random numbers, right?

Worksheet #3 (easy) Locating random #s sequentially

What's that number?

I've seen that number before!!!