UNO - July 2017

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Do you recognize these 'common' numbers?

What's that number?

I've seen that number before!!!








Random numbers worksheets

Random numbers... or NOT???

Worksheet (1) to locate numbers sequentially.

Random numbers, or are they...?!

Worksheet (2) to locate #s sequentially & key

Random numbers, right?

Worksheet #3 (easy) Locating random #s sequentially









Can you figure out this pattern came about?


The next number is not 32

Identifying that not all patterns follow our expectations.









KapreKar constants (3 and 4-digits)

3-digit Kaprekar Constant (945)

3 digit Kaprekar Constant & key

4-digit Kaprekar number (constant = 6174)

4-digit KapreKar worksheet on ordering (descending, ascending, followed by subtraction).









It's KNOT Fun with strings


It's KNOT fun (4-strings)

Mathematical H/O on simple probability with 4 strings

It's KNOT fun (6-strings)

Mathematical handout & worksheets for more complex probability with 6 strings.