MISE 2017 July



A compass by any other name...

A Compass by any other name...

Hanging magnet faces...








Homopolar Motors

Homopolar Motor

A very simple motor!









Pinhole Viewer

Pinhole Viewer

A classroom activity on detector characteristics - specifically how the eye works!










Random Numbers

Random numbers, right?

Worksheet #3 (easy) Locating random #s sequentially

Random numbers... or NOT???

Worksheet (1) to locate numbers sequentially.

Random numbers, or are they...?!

Worksheet (2) to locate #s sequentially & key










Single-Digitization and Casting-Out 9s

Single-digitization (condensed version)

Mathematical handout for 'Single-digitization' with additional worksheets and answer key.

Prenumbered 1-9 clockface handout

Mathematical handout/worksheet for 'single-digitization'