Postdoctoral Positions

Applications for postdoctoral research positions with LIGO Laboratory should indicate which of the LIGO sites (Caltech, MIT, Hanford, or Livingston), if any, are preferred, and which (if any) are likely to be unworkable. Applications should be submitted via the following Academic Jobs Online (AJO) advertisements:

Information provided is subject to LIGO's privacy policy. Caltech and MIT are Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employers. Women, minorities, veterans, and disabled persons are strongly encouraged to apply.


Where are they now?

Want to know what a postdoc at one of the LIGO detector sites can do for you? Many LIGO postdocs did their research onsite at LIGO Hanford Observatory or LIGO Livingtson Observatory. Below is a list of past LIGO site-specific postdocs and where they are today, along with the postdocs currently in residence.

Site postdocs past and current

Additional Resources

  • LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) Job postings page. Lists LSC jobs and postdoctoral positions. To find LIGO Lab-specific positions, search for "LIGO Lab", "LIGO Hanford", "LIGO Livingston", "LIGO Caltech" or "LIGO MIT"
  • Caltech's Division of Physics, Math, and Astronomy (PMA) Postdoctoral listing page