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For Scientists

This page contains information and resources for professional researchers interested in LIGO science. Click on a topic below to learn more.

  • Use LIGO Data The LIGO Open Science Center (LOSC) provides public access to released LIGO data. The site includes tools and tutorials for analyzing LIGO data.
  • LIGO's Impact on Science LIGO’s impact will extend far beyond physics, astrophysics, and astronomy.
  • LIGO R&D Ways in which LIGO scientists and engineers continually work on improving the observatory's capabilities.
  • Detection Papers Publications related to LIGO detections
  • Collaborate Find out more about the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, of which LIGO is the largest member.
  • All Publications Published scientific articles from LIGO researchers.
  • Observatory Status Status updates on the installation and commissioning of the LIGO detectors.
  • The LIGO Laboratory Award for Excellence in Detector Characterization and Calibration The award that recognizes outstanding early career researchers who have made impactful contributions to gravitational wave astrophysics through LIGO detector characterization or calibration.