Educational Resources

Whether you're a K-12 educator, a parent, or an interested student, you should browse our education web pages. There's something fun and educational here for everyone.

  • Classroom Activities - All sorts of activities you can bring to your classroom that concentrate on LIGO, or concepts related to LIGO (such as, waves).
  • Field Trips - Want to take a school field trip to LIGO? Click on this link to book a field trip to one of our two observatories.
  • Try This at Home - Here are some LIGO related activities you can try at home!
  • Ask a LIGO-ite - Do you have a question that's not answered anywhere else on our site? Click here to ask a question of a real LIGO scientist!
  • Bring LIGO to Your Classroom - If you can't bring your class to LIGO, then we may be able to bring a LIGO educator to you. Click here to learn more.
  • Teacher Professional Development - Visit this page to learn about the teacher professional development programs offered through each of our two observatories.
  • Recommended Reading and Video - Some of our favorite resources related to the science behind LIGO.
  • Detection Education Resources - Education materials related to the detection of gravitational waves by LIGO: