Use LIGO Data

The Gravitational-Wave Open Science Center

The Gravitational-Wave Open Science Center (GWOSC) fulfills LIGO's commitment to release, archive, and serve LIGO data to the broader scientific community and to the public, and to provide the information and tools necessary to understand and use the data. This resource is also a useful tool for teaching gravitational-wave data analysis to students around the world. The GWOSC site includes detailed metadata, tutorials, tools, and software to help public users perform effective analyses.

The LIGO Laboratory's Data Management Plan describes the scope and timing of LIGO data releases.

GWTC-3 data release

GW200105_162426 data release

GW200115_042309 data release

O3 bulk strain data release

GWTC-2 data release

GW190521 data release

GW190814 data release

GW190412 data release

GW190425 data release

O1-O2 Data Download

GW170817 data release

GW170814 data release

GW170608 data release

GW170104 data release

GW151226 data release

GW150914 data release


Caltech LIGO Astrophysics Group

The group's goal is to detect gravitational-wave signals from distant astrophysical sources with Advanced LIGO and its sister observatories, and study the properties of the waves (testing General Relativity) and of their astrophysical sources (neutron stars, black holes, core-collapse supernovae, the Big Bang). Visit the group's website.