LIGO is an Observatory unlike most others - we are very sensitive to ground vibrations, therefore visitors must first schedule a tour through our website, unless you are coming out on a Science Saturday.

Please do NOT rely solely on GPS.  Some GPS map systems may try to take you across roads that don't exist.

Directions to LIGO

Take I-12 towards Livingston/Frost  (East from Baton Rouge, West from New Orleans).

Take exit 22

Proceed North on Highway 63 (left from Baton Rouge, right from New Orleans) until you can't go further (~2 miles)

At the light take a left on Hwy 190

Take your first right onto Hwy 63 ( ~1/4 mile)

You will immediately cross railroad tracks

Travel on hwy 63 for ~3 1/2 miles

Left onto LIGO Lane at the LIGO sign (if you see the firetower or hit route 442, you've gone too far).

go ~1 1/2 miles until you come to the guard shack

If you are part of a tour group (not during Science Saturday) then press the button to talk with the operator & tell the operator you are here for a tour.  On a Science Saturday you do not need to do that.

Proceed through the gate on your right.

Go straight into the parking lot (do NOT follow the road to the left).

After going into the parking lot go to the far left end of the parking lot.  The parking lot will be adjacent to the blank side of a building with a walkway in front of the building (and some aluminum rectangular bars hanging over the walkway).  Travel down that walkway by the glass windows into LIGO’s Science Education Center.