Try This at Home

Check out these leisure-time LIGO-related activities that you can try alone or with friends. Build an interferometer, play a game, operate a virtual interferometer, or search for gravitational waves with your own computer!

Detection Alerts

  • *NEW* Detection Alert Apps! Want to know when LIGO and Virgo have detected gravitational waves? There's an app for that! LIGO and Virgo now publicize 'candidate' detections to the whole world as soon as we nab one (they're called 'candidates' until they've been fully vetted, which can take some time). Now you can receive these alerts at the same time as the broader scientific community right on your smartphone:

Android App:  Chirp

iPhone Apps:  Chirp  or  GW Events

  • Gravitational Wave Public Alerts You can also view LIGO/Virgo candidate detections online. The page includes possible source locations and the percent likelihood of the specific type of event detected (black hole-black hole merger, black hole-neutron star merger, neutron star-neutron star merger, or something in between, called the 'mass gap'). Bookmark this page today!

Interactive Activities, Games, and Ways to Help LIGO:

  • Gravity Spy Help LIGO scientists search for gravitational waves by finding different kinds of "glitches" found in real LIGO data. By identifying glitches, you will help train LIGO's computers to find gravitational wave signals more efficiently! Get started today! (Brought to you by Zooniverse.)
  • Build an interferometer   (Method A -- Glue;   Method B -- Magnets)
  • Black Hole Hunter Brought to you by Cardiff University
  • Black Hole Master Brought to you by Laser Labs, the makers of the Detection Alert iPhone and Android Apps
  • Space-Time Quest Brought to you by Laser Labs, the makers of the Detection Alert iPhone and Android Apps
  • Einstein@Home Use your computer's idle time to search for gravitational waves.