LIGO Hanford control room. Credit: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab/C. Gray

Update on LIGO, Virgo and Kagra Observing Run Plans

News Release • November 15, 2021

Taking into account the most recent impacts to the LIGO, Virgo, and KAGRA detector upgrade schedules brought about by local and global conditions, we plan to start the O4 Observing run in mid-December 2022.

LIGO projects a sensitivity goal of 160-190 Mpc for binary neutron stars. Virgo projects a target sensitivity of 80-115 Mpc. KAGRA should be running with greater than 1 Mpc sensitivity at the beginning of O4, and will work to improve the sensitivity toward the end of O4.


LIGO Scientific Collaboration Spokesperson: Patrick Brady
Virgo Collaboration Spokesperson: Giovanni Losurdo
KAGRA Scientific Congress Board Chair: Jun’ichi Yokoyama