LIGO Hanford control room. Credit: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab/C. Gray

LIGO, Virgo and KAGRA Observing Run Plans

News Release • July 16, 2021

The LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA collaborations are making good progress in the updates of the Virgo (where installation of new hardware is complete), KAGRA, and LIGO detectors in preparation for O4. It is not yet possible to give a definitive start date for O4, as there are some continued supply chain delays and the impact of COVID continues. We can say at this time that the O4 observing run will not begin before August 2022. We expect to be able to give a better estimate for the start of O4 by 15 September 2021 and will issue an update then.


LIGO Scientific Collaboration Spokesperson: Patrick Brady
Virgo Collaboration Spokesperson: Giovanni Losurdo
KAGRA Scientific Congress Board Chair: Hisaaki Shinkai