Artwork of a black hole--neutron star merger. Credit: Carl Knox, OzGrav-Swinburne University.

LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Webinar on Latest Observational Results

News Release • June 29, 2021

Update: Watch the recorded webinar:



On Thursday 1 July 2021, at 10:00 Eastern US (other time zones below), the LVK will host an online webinar to present results from our recent paper.

Title:  "Gravitational waves from neutron star-black hole coalescences"

Abstract: We report the observation of gravitational waves from two compact binary coalescences in LIGO's and Virgo's third observing run with properties consistent with neutron star--black hole (NSBH) binaries. The two events are named GW200105_162426 and GW200115_042309, abbreviated as GW200105 and GW200115; the first was observed by LIGO Livingston and Virgo, and the second by all three LIGO-Virgo detectors.

The webinar is open to all. Register for the webinar.

A recording of the webinar will be available here.

Other time zones:
Thu, 1 Jul at 07:00 Los Angeles
Thu, 1 Jul at 09:00 Chicago
Thu, 1 Jul at 16:00 Pisa
Thu, 1 Jul at 19:30 Pune
Thu, 1 Jul at 23:00 Tokyo
Fri, 5 Feb at 00:00 Sydney