Advanced LIGO Documentary Project Video

New Video: LIGO: A Discovery that Shook the World

News Release • February 22, 2018

The National Science Foundation funded Advanced LIGO Documentary Project released a new video looking at information coming from first multi-messenger detection of colliding neutron stars.  On August 8, 2017, LIGO joined forces with Virgo and over 70 astronomical observatories to look at a neutron star merger through gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves (light).  This video explores the significance of that event.

This is the third video in Advanced LIGO Documentary Project's eight-part series on LIGO's historic discovery of gravitational waves and the birth of the new age of gravitational wave astronomy. In August 2017, LIGO and its Italian partner, VIRGO, made a discovery as important as its historic first detection of gravitational waves in 2015. They detected gravitational waves from two colliding neutron stars, which ejected a spectacular gamma ray burst that was seen by seven space-based telescopes and dozens of astronomical observatories on earth. It was the long dreamed-of marriage of gravitational wave astronomy with conventional astronomy, and the results were spectacular.

The Advanced LIGO Documentary project also launched a new youtube site for the entire Advanced LIGO series of videos.