LIGO Livingston detector

LIGO's 2nd Observation Run Finishes

News Release • August 25, 2017

The Virgo and LIGO Scientific Collaborations have been observing since November 30, 2016 in the second Advanced Detector Observing Run ‘O2’ , searching for gravitational-wave signals, first with the two LIGO detectors, then with both LIGO and Virgo instruments operating together since August 1, 2017. Some promising gravitational-wave candidates have been identified in data from both LIGO and Virgo during our preliminary analysis, and we have shared what we currently know with astronomical observing partners. We are working hard to assure that the candidates are valid gravitational-wave events, and it will require time to establish the level of confidence needed to bring any results to the scientific community and the greater public. We will let you know as soon we have information ready to share.

In between observing runs, LIGO upgrades the detectors to make them more sensitive for future observing runs; Virgo will be pursuing improvements in parallel.  The upgrades should take about a year to complete, then we will start our third observing run.