MIT senior research scientist David Shoemaker. Photo by: Bryce Vickmark

LIGO Scientific Collaboration Elects David Shoemaker as Spokesperson

News Release • March 30, 2017

David Shoemaker, MIT senior research scientist, was elected spokesperson of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC). Shoemaker was the leader of the Advanced LIGO project. He succeeds outgoing spokesperson Gabriela González. LIGO's Scientific Collaboration.  The LIGO Laboratory is the largest member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC). The LIGO Laboratory plays a special role in the Collaboration, and members of the LSC play special roles in the LIGO Laboratory. The LSC Spokesperson is a member of the LIGO Laboratory Directorate, and the Directorate is responsible for the Collaboration's scientific direction.  For more information on the LSC check out:

According to Gabriela Gonzalez, outgoing spokesperson of theLIGO Scientific Collaboration: “In addition to providing leadership on the development of future large-scale gravitational wave detectors, David will be a wonderful spokesperson to communicate the exciting new findings on behalf of the collaboration.  In his role, he will continue to nurture the LSC’s teamwork and help further our mission of exploring the fundamental physics of gravity — and ultimately, the universe."

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