Merging neutron stars. (Credit: Price & Rosswog)

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The U.S. National Science Foundation Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (NSF LIGO) is a research facility designed to sense the space-time vibrations of gravitational waves from the depths of space with the aid of a laser interferometer. Visit the links below to learn more about gravitational waves and NSF LIGO’s remarkable engineering.

  • LIGO - A Gravitational-Wave Interferometer  Learn about interferometers, how LIGO actually works, and about the technology that makes the search for gravitational waves possible
  • All About Gravitational Waves  Learn more about these mysterious signals from deep space
  • LIGO Technology  Learn a little more about LIGO's primary hardware or engineering systems
  • Global Collaboration  Learn about the other observatories and institutions around the world that collaborate with LIGO scientists
  • Look Deeper  Want to know even more? Explore these pages for a deeper dive into LIGO's science and engineering