LIGO Generations

Nearly every day we read articles about great, scientific discoveries, and quote science facts we read or hear from friends. We use advanced technology in the palm of our hands that not too long ago was born of a science experiment. When we take a break from our busy lives, we sometimes ponder what lies beyond the tangible universe, out there, among the stars.

How many of us have spent time, side-by-side with the researchers and scientists who dedicate their lives to understanding distant, cosmic events?

Funded by the National Science Foundation through the University of Mississippi, LIGO Generations shares the passion and the motivation of individuals who have worked for nearly three decades on a single science experiment. We engage in the stories of those who invented a whole new branch of physics in order to prove the last piece of Einstein's theory of general relativity, and to hear the universe in a whole new way.

In Generations we learn how knowledge is passed from generation to generation outside of the shared documents and official channels of communication, through hard work, respect, and dedication.

Set to Louisiana jazz and blues, Generations opens in a nearby galaxy where we witness three cataclysmic events before returning to our home galaxy and solar system -- only to ride onto the LIGO campus on a Harley Davidson. In closing, Generations takes us to the LIGO Science Education Center where we engage the next generation of learners who are discovering new ways of seeing the world, for the very first time.

The 25 minute film premiered at on January 30, 2015.

About the Video
October 3, 2023
Kai Staats