Visitor Program

The LIGO Visitors Program has been hosting scientists and engineers since 1996. It supports visitors to the LIGO Laboratories, at all levels and ranks, who wish to become involved in the science and techniques associated with the field of interferometric gravitational wave detection, while at the same time contributing their accumulated skills and abilities to enhance the performance of the LIGO team. Applications from women and under-represented minorities are particularly welcome.

Program Update: 21st November 2016

Due to recent unanticipated stresses in the current LIGO budget, the decision has been taken to freeze the LIGO Visitor Program budget, effective immediately. Thus we are sorry to announce that we will no longer consider applications for funding from this program until further notice. The LIGO Laboratory continues to welcome applications for self-funded visits.

If you are interested in applying for a self-funded visit, please send us the following materials:

  1. A CV and Publication List (with refereed publications clearly marked by an *).
  2. A completed application form. NOTE: Non-U.S. nationals must also fill out Foreign National Intake Form (FNIF).
  3. A Work Plan. The work plan should identify the person(s) in LIGO with whom you will collaborate and who is hosting your visit. It must also include a statement of what you expect to accomplish during your LIGO visit. Also note that at the end of your visit, you will be required to submit a final report of your accomplishments during your visit.

Selection process

Evaluation of applicants will be made by the LIGO Staffing Committee - an internal committee whose members are appointed by the LIGO Director. Committee evaluations will be conducted once all the necessary material is received from each applicant (CV, Publication List, Visitor Application Form, and Work Plan).

Send applications to:

Carolyn Peterson
LIGO Hanford Observatory
PO Box 159
Richland, WA 99352
Phone: 509-372-8167
Fax: 509-395-2763