Driving Directions

Google Maps now recognizes "LIGO Hanford Observatory" as a search term. See map below (additional detail added).


Directions to LHO

Directions to LHO (Click on the map to enlarge)

Note the following:

1. You will not see any signs marked, "LIGO".

LIGO Turnoff from Tri-Cities

Coming from the Tri Cities along SR240, you will see this sign. Turn RIGHT at the intersection.

2. The turn off of WA State Route 240 that takes you to LIGO sits between mileposts 20 and 21. If you are coming FROM the Tri-Cities (i.e., you are westbound on the 240), you will make a RIGHT HAND TURN onto Rte 10 when you see the sign for Vantage and Benton City (see photo at right). If you are driving TOWARD Richland (i.e., eastbound on the 240), you will make a LEFT HAND TURN onto Rte 10.

In both cases, you will be turning away from the Yakima river. As soon as you make the turn you will see the green Rte 10 sign on the side of the road. If you make a turn and see a white SR 225 sign, and the Yakima river is on your left, you turned the wrong way.





The links below provide Google Maps that connect LIGO Hanford to various regional locations.  If you need additional information about our location, call 509-372-8106 or email outreach@ligo-wa.caltech.edu.