Satellite view of LHO showing location of LExC and LExC parking. Credit: Google Maps

Driving Directions

Google Maps recognizes "LIGO Hanford Observatory" as a search term.


LIGO Turnoff from Tri-Cities

Coming from the Tri Cities along SR240, you will see this sign. Turn RIGHT at the intersection.





Two Roads to LHO

Two routes to LIGO Hanford Observatory from Richland

Note: You will not see any signs marked, "LIGO".

Taking Hwy 240 (dark orange route in map at left):  The intersection of Hwy 240 and Rte 10 sits between mileposts 20 and 21. LIGO is about 6 miles from this intersection.

From Richland: Turn RIGHT onto Rte 10 when you see the sign for Vantage and Benton City (photo at right).

From Yakima/Vantage: Turn LEFT at the intersection, onto Rte 10.

Taking Stevens Drive (dark blue route in map at left): Take Stevens Dr. until it turns into "Glade North Road" (aka "Rte 4S") toward the generating station. Before the Wye Barricade gate to the Dep't of Energy Hanford site, turn left to follow the sign for "Rte 10/To 240" onto the short, curved spur road. Turn left again at the stop sign. LIGO is about one mile down the road. If you end up at the Wye Barricade, the guard at the gate should point you in the right direction.




The links below provide Google Maps that connect LIGO Hanford to various regional locations.  If you need additional information about our location, call 509-372-8106 or email outreach@ligo-wa.caltech.edu.