Private Tours

Private Tour Information

Groups of 15 or more can schedule a private weekday tour of the observatory. We have provided such tours to a wide range of groups, including families, college organizations, teachers, conference attendees, scout troops, science clubs, and colleagues from other scientific research facilities such as PNNL. If you have a group of 15 or more that is interested in seeing LIGO, a private tour may be right for you. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to process your request.


What will I see?

During your visit you will have a chance to explore many interactive and static exhibits housed in LHO's LIGO Exploration Center, (LExC). Many artifacts from LIGO's history are housed in LExC, in addition to the historic Weber Bar (one of the earliest devices designed to detect gravitational waves). During your tour you will also get an extraordinary view of the interferometer's 4km-long arms reaching into the Eastern Washington shrub steppe, get up close to a sample of the beam tube and its concrete enclosure, and visit the interferometer's control room where you will learn more about LIGO directly from the people who maintain and operate the world's most sensitive measuring device. Questions are enthusiastically welcomed and encouraged anywhere along your tour!


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If you have any questions, email, or call 509-372-8248.