Pollinator Garden

Tucked behind LExC is a burgeoning "pollinator garden", planted with an array of flowering plants native to the shrub steppe environment in which LIGO is situated. The garden is in early stages of development, but when you visit LExC, you can learn about the amazing flowering plants that have adapted to live in this climate and support the local ecosystem. This is a great way to learn about native plants and maybe even find some to grow in your own garden to support local wildlife.

Some plants you'll see are:

  • Common yarrow
  • Gray rabbitbrush
  • Snow buckwheat
  • Carey's balsamroot
  • Wooly sunflower
  • Hoary tansyaster

and more!

The land around LExC has also been planted with many of these native species. As the garden develops, we will add photos of each plant and its flower to facilitate easier identification. For now, you'll have to visit the garden yourself!