Visiting Scientists

Are you a scientist or engineer who will travel to LIGO Hanford for technical work?  Use the links below for assistance in preparation for your visit.

Before you can start working at the site, you will need to read the site orientation documents listed below and sign the LIGO Visitors Information Form indicating that you have read and understood these documents. You can download and read the documents in advance of your trip, or you can wait until you arrive at the site and read them from LHO's visitor orientation notebook at the observatory.

The links below represent "required reading" before your work at LHO can begin

** Submit a signed copy of the Visitor Information Form to the LHO site administrator after your arrival at LHO.

You will probably interface with a number of LIGO Hanford staff members while you are working the Observatory, but there are two people with whom you must interact. One is your technical liaison. This individual will be your key contact for all aspects of your work at the site. He or she will help you get settled in a work area, acquaint you with the facility and apprise you of the necessary policies, procedures and trainings for your work. A relationship with your technical liaison must exist before you arrive.

Another key contact is the LHO site administrator. The administrator will receive your signed Visitor Information Form, sign you off when you complete your safety trainings and site orientation, and assist you on other questions related to your visit. Please connect with our site administrator and your technical liaison as soon as you arrive at the Observatory. You can reach our site administrator by calling 509-372-8106 if it's helpful to make contact in advance of your visit.