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NSF Review of LIGO and Operations
16-17 June, 2015
LIGO Livingston Observatory (LLO)

I. Venue, Hotel, Travel, Dinner, General Information

The review will be held at the LIGO Livingston Observatory (LLO). Room(s) to be announced.

Hotel, travel, dinner, general information

II. Agenda, Charge to the Panel, Panel Roster

» Agenda
» Charge
» Review Panel Roster

III. Supporting Documentation

If there are any references to LIGO documentation for which you find you do not have authorization to view, please contact us to request access.

IV. Presentations

To be announced

V. Attendees


Stuart Anderson
Rolf Bork
Dennis Coyne
Jodi Fauver
Peter Fritschel
Valera Frolov
Joe Giaime
Eric Gustafson
Hannah Hansen
Albert Lazzarini
David Nolting
Brian O'Reilly
Richard Oram
Fred Raab
David Reitze
Norna Robertson
Jamie Rollins
Janeen Romie
David Shoemaker
Daniel Sigg
Abe Singer
Rai Weiss
Mike Zucker


Laura Cadonati
Marco Cavaglia

LIGO is funded by National Science Foundation
and operated by California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Observatories located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington

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